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普通专升本考试英语复习资料 语法练习



1. When autumn comes, the ______ of trees begin to fall。

A. leafs

B. leafes

C. leaves

D. leaf

leaf 的复数形式 leaves

答案 C

2. Never before ______ so many people been engaged in producing goods just for the comfort of man。

A. has

B. have

C. will

D. would

never before开头,句子倒装。

主语so many people为复数。

engage in doing sth. 忙于做某事。

答案 B

3. Mr. Brown, and not I , ________ chosen to be the representative of the class。

A. is

B. am

C. are

D. have been


答案 A

4. Neither John nor his father _______ able to wake up early enough to catch the morning train。

A. was

B. were

C. would be

D. have been


答案 A

5. The room is eight _______ long。

A. foot

B. foots

C. feet

D. feets

foot 英尺,复数形式 feet

答案 C

6. Ten days ______ long enough for Mr. Carter to finish his design. He doesnt need any more。

A. is

B. has been

C. was

D. had been

ten days 作为一个整体看待,谓语用单数形式。(注意时态)

答案 A

7. The flood has done _____ to this area。

A. damages

B. many damages

C. much damage

D. damaging

8. Not only the students but also their teacher ______ at the meeting。

A. was present

B. were present

C. have been presented

D. has been presented

not only…… but also 谓语动词与相邻名词一致。

present 呈现,介绍

答案 A

9. One of the things she wrote about ______ life on a small farm at the beginning of the century。

A. is

B. was

C. are

D. were

one of 谓语用单数。

答案 B

10. Only about one out of twelve of the young men and women of this country _____ college education。

A. receive

B. receives

C. have received

D. have been received

one out of 谓语用单数形式。

答案 B

11. Now, many people use the word Ms instead of Miss or Mrs, for example, before the names of ______ in business letters。

A. woman manager

B. women manager

C. woman managers

D. women managers

names 是复数形式,其后的名词肯定是复数。


答案 D

12. At the bus stop _______ a soldier and two young people on their way to North Carolina。

A. were

B. was

C. is

D. sits and waits

主语 a soldier and two young people为复数

答案 A

13. There ______ the last piece of cake and the last spoonful of ice cream。

A. goes

B. go

C. gone

D. was gone

主语 the last piece of cake and the last spoonful of ice cream复数

答案 B

14. The number of students who failed the chemistry examination _____ to fifteen。

A. have increased

B. has increased

C. is increased

D. are increasing

the number of 谓语动词用单数。

答案 B

15. The teacher, as well as a number of students, _______ to attend the party。

A. ask

B. asks

C. was asked

D. were asked

谓语动词与as well as前面的名词一致。

答案 C

16. The hostess together with the guests of honor ________ comfortably in the living room。

A. was seated

B. seated

C. were seated

D. were seating

谓语与 together with 前的名词一致

be seated 就坐

Please be seated ladies and gentlmen。

Seat the boy next to his brother。

答案 A

17. The father, rather than the brothers, _______ responsible for the accident。

A. is

B. are

C. have been

D. has

主语 the father ,单数

be responsible for 对……负责

答案 A

18. Either Carol or Grace ______ to the concert, but one of them has to stay home。

A. is coming

B. are coming

C. will coming

D. have come

either……or 谓语动词与临近主语一致。

答案 A

19. The total amount of money ______ 100 dollars。

A. is

B. are

C. has

D. have

money 不可数名词,谓语动词单数。

答案 A

20. Great quantities of fish _____ on high seas。

A. is caught B。


1. ______ film includes some recently discovered newsreels of

_______ World War II。

A. The; the

B. A; the

C. The; /

D. A; /

World War II是专有名词


2. Can you play _____?

A. piano

B. pianos

C. a piano

D. the piano


3. “Youve been very busy lately。”

“So busy I havent had time to clean my house. There is _____ wherever you look。”

A. dust

B. a dust

C. the dust

D. dusts

dust 是不可数名词


4. The station? Take the second turning _______。

A. to left then go straight on

B. on the left, then go straight


C. to left, then go right forward

D. to the left, then go right forward

on the left 在左边


5. My mother usually has _____ bed。

A. the breakfast

B. breakfast in

C. the breakfast in the

D. breakfast in the

in bed 躺在床上


in the bed 在床里面

6. He stole the money and they put him _________。

A. at prison

B. at the prison

C. in prison

D. in the prison

in prison 进监狱


7. Even on Sundays, fewer people go to ______ church than before。

A. the

B. a

C. /

D. that

go to church 去教堂 go to school 去学校 go to bed 上床睡觉 go to college 去大学


8. _________ look much alike。

A. Smiths sisters

B. Smith sisters

C. Two Smith sisters

D. The Smith sisters

表示一家人,前面加 the

答案 D

Lets clean their room first and ______ later。

A. our

B. us

C. we

D. ours

(答案为D,ours 相当于our room。)


1. “How often do you take the medicine ?”

“______ four hours。”

A. For

B. Any

C. Every

D. Each

答案 C

2. “Is this bike yours?”

“No, its ______。”

A. Bob

B. Bobs

C. Bobs

D. Bobs

答案 C

3. “Is there ______ good on TV this evening?”

“Sorry,nothing good. ”

A. nothing

B. something

C. anything

D. everything


答案 C

4. You have a good suggestion, but its not as practical as _______。

A. he

B. him

C. his

D. her

答案 C

5. A chemist prepares his experiments carefully before trying to carry _____ in his lab。

A. it out

B. out it

C. them out

D. out them

carry out 实施宾格放在词组中间,名词放在词组后面。如,carry out his experiments

答案 C

6. Nowadays _____ seems to enjoy looking at fat girls. That is why many companies have developed special foods to help people to slim(苗条)。

A. everyone

B. anybody

C. somebody

D. no one

enjoy doing sth。


答案 D

7. You have to hurry up if you want to buy eggs because theres hardly _____ left。

A. anything

B. something

C. nothing

D. everything

hardly 否定词,几乎不的意思。

答案 A

8. He felt bad because he had drunk too _____ the night before。

A. many

B. much

C. few

D. little


drink too much 喝多了

too much wine 太多的酒

答案 B

9. She promised her parents to write _______ while she was away。

A. other day

B. another day

C. every other day

D. any other day

every other 每隔……

答案 C

10. It was terrible. One passenger was killed, and _____ was badly hurt。

A. the others

B. rest

C. the rest

D. the other

he others后面谓语动词接复数。

答案 D

11. Some people hope to be more successful while _____ simply want to feel more comfortable。

A. the others

B. others

C. the other

D. another

some others

comfortable 舒适的

答案 B

12. If anyone happens to call while I am out of the office, please have ________ leave a message for me 。

A. he

B. him

C. they

D. them

have sb. do sth. 让某人做某事

答案 B

13. The first thing that my brother and _______ did in the early morning was to go out to see the pony。

A. I

B. me

C. mine

D. my

pony 小马

主语 first thing,谓语动词 was to go out to see,宾语 the pony。

答案 A

14. “Id like some more bananas。”

“Im sorry, there is _______ left。”

A. no

B. some

C. few

D. none

答案 D

15. There are two windows in this bedroom. _______ of them face

south, overlooking a beautiful park。

A. Both

B. One

C. The two

D. Either

either 开头谓语动词要接单数,both谓语动词用复数

答案 A

16. The jacket doesnt fit Terry, as he has _______ huge body and the jacket is _____ small。

A. such a; such

B. such a; so

C. so ; so

D. so ; such a


so huge the body

答案 B

17. “Why are you smiling?”

“Oh, Ive just thought of _________。”

A. funny something

B. something funny

C. nothing funny

D. funny anything



答案 B

18. Young babies can use _________ hand equally well。

A. either

B. each

C. both

D. every


答案 A

19. _______ road out of town is good, but this one is better than the other。

A. Both

B. All

C. None

D. Neither

答案 D

20. “I felt a bit hungry。”

“Why dont you have ______ bread?”

A. any

B. some

C. little

D. a piece

习语Why dont you have some……

答案 B

21. It was at the music hall _______ we met each other for the first time。

A. when

B. where

C. which

D. that


答案 D

22. Modern technology has made ______ possible for the whole world to be closer than ever before。

A. this

B. that

C. it D its

it is possible ……是可能的

答案 C

23. It is during his spare time _______ John has been studying a course in French。

A. when

B. that

C. which

D. what

it is…… 强调句

答案 B

24. “Have you heard the news about Tom?”

“No,what _______ ?”

A. was it

B. were they

C. are they

D. is it

news 当消息讲是不可数名词

答案 D

25. I wonder why ________ possible for you to do the work by yourself。

A. you

B. you are

C. it isnt

D. you were

I wonder why 宾语从句

答案 C

26. “Did Amys parents leave her any money?”

“No, she has to support ______ now。”

A. herself

B. by herself

C. all alone

D. on her own

support oneself 养活自己

答案 A

27. In _____ own way, mathematics can be as creative and exciting as poetry。

A. it

B. its

C. their

D. theirs

mathematics 数学(单数)

答案 B

28. Neighbors ought to respect _______ 。

A. themselves

B. one another

C. each one

D. to each other

答案 B

29. This furniture is different from _______ 。

A. ones

B. your

C. that one

D. that


答案 D

30. For ______ interested in nature, the club offers hikes and overnight camping each week during the summer。

A. that

B. this

C. these

D. those

hike 徒步旅行,overnight campinng在野外露营

答案 D

31. “May I help you with s ome shoes,sir?”

“Yes, Id like to try on those brown _______ 。”

A. one

B. ones

C. two

D. pair


try on 试穿

答案 B

32. “Do you like the book Sidney gave you?”

“Very much. Its exactly _______ I wanted。”

A. one which

B. the one

C. one that

D. one what

下文提到上文提到的单数可数名词,用the one

答案 B

33. “Shall I mail the letter for you?”

“Yes , Id appreciate ________。”

A. that you do

B. you to do it

C. this

D. it


答案 D

34. The patient chiefly lived on milk and fruit because he had ______ to eat。

A. nothing else

B. anything else

C. something other

D. nothing other


live on 以……为生

答案 A

35. ________ doesnt matter what you do at this point。

A. They

B. All

C. He

D. It

it doesnt matter 没关系

答案 D

36. People have proved _________ to be true that the heat we get from coal and oil comes from the sun。

A. that

B. it

C. this

D. /

it 是形式宾语,that从句是真正的宾语。

答案 B

37. I dont think ________ possible to master a foreign language without much memory work。

A. it

B. that

C. this

D. those

答案 A

38. “Were all three people in the car injured in the accident?”

“No, ______ only the two passengers who got hurt。”

A. it was

B. there is

C. it were

D. there was


答案 A

39. __________ he realized it was too late to return home。

A. No sooner it grew dark than

B. Hardly it grew dark when

C. It was not until dark that

D. Scarcely it grew dark when

no sonner than=as soon as 一……就……

scarcely when=as soon as

hardly when=as soon as

答案 C

40. It was not until she arrived in class ________ realized she had forgotten her book。

A. and

B. when she

C. she

D. that she

not until 直到……才

答案 D

41. It was ______ who arrived there first , despite our detour(绕路)。

A. us

B. we

C. our

D. ours

答案 B

42. It was _______ the next morning that Kunta began to think about where he was going。

A. after

B. before

C. when

D. not until

after 在……之后

before 在……之前

when 当……时候

not until 直到……才

答案 D

43. It was _______ he got a map that he started on his away。

A. until

B. till

C. not until

D. not till

until 直到

till 直到

not until 直到……才

答案 C


1. In ______ century computers will be used more widely。

A. twenty-one

B. the twenty-one

C. twenty-first

D. the twenty-first 序数词前加the。

答案 D

2. The meeting will be held in _______ 。

A. 112 Room

B. Room 112

C. the 112 Room

D. the Room 112

答案 B

3. The Great Wall of China is about 6,700 _______。

A. kilometer long

B. kilometers long

C. kilometer longer

D. kilometers longer

答案 B

4. “How many presidents were there before Abraham Lincoln?”